I got a text from Hilde in the US…

”Hey dude, you better post something on that blog you say you have…? ”

And I guess she’s got a point there. I haven’t stopped training, and you bet I’ll be racing this coming season. I just haven’t felt I had something to post, but that’s maybe a bad excuse if I say I have an ambition to share my thoughts on training and racing – so I’ll shape up. 

And blog post often benefit from pictures – so here is one from today’s bike session (posted according to the quote ”done is better than perfect”)

 I often allow myself quite some time do define the goals for the season, and I’m still in the process for 2016, but it’s likely to contain phrases like ”overall top10 Vansbro SM…”,”…sub9 Challenge Roth”, ”…podium IM 70.3 European Championship…”, ”…team with Antti Antonov…podium…SwimRun World Championship Ö-t-Ö…”  

Of course there might be some changes to the objectives before I finalize them – but there will be the word podium included – more than once – that’s for sure. 

Looking back at 2015 the victory at ITU World Championship was undoubtedly the achievement that inspires me most. I realize now that it means that I’ve won the Swedish Championship (Duathlon 2012 – overall!) the European Championship (IM Frankfurt 2013 AG) and the World Championship (ITU LD 2015 AG). This should mean that I’m entitled to call my self SEW-Champion :-D

That gives even more inspiration to train hard for the coming season – and I’m determined to show that even if I’ll turn 48 this summer, Sub9Top10 is still my motto. 

I hope you either have or will set up an inspiring goal for yourself for 2016. The power that lies in a well defined inspiring objective is amazing. Just make sure it is YOUR wish that is captured in your goal.

Btw – if you want to join me and Oskar O2 for a super nice training camp in April at La Manga Club you’re very welcome to check out the details at Invictus Travel Tri Camp

All the best to all of you


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