Time to walk the talk

…although I will of course swim, bike and run. 

I’ve decided to have ”Just for fun – with a purpose” as my mental guiding star this season. Tomorrow it’s time for Ironman 70.3 European Championship, and my main goal is to consciously stay in relax mode. 

I only registered a couple of weeks ago, so it’s not a long term planned race. But I wanted a tri race before Vansbro Triathlon July 1st.

So far I’ve managed to stay cool and not trigger all the ”it’s time to race let’s get 100% prepared”-menalt loops. Feels good. Last night we enjoyed great food and drinking Italian style with lovely friends in Malmö, finishing of at a sky bar after midnight 1f60a.png

Today I made my fastest registration-race brief – course check-bike check in process ever. So to be honest I’ll be forced to take it easy tomorrow since I don’t know the course and there are many many turns on all three legs. And I think this is good – it will remind me of the purpose of the race: Mental training – stay relaxed & and focus on my own joyful race. 

BIB 1977 

race start at 8.00 CET

Live coverage should be available here

Race report will follow 1f642.png

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