Race schedule 2017 and start of training season

After some half hearted training during November, I have now managed to squeeze in two months of well structured and focused training, averaging about 40 hours per month, which is fairly high for myself. This year I am not doing Vasaloppet (cross country skiing), so I have been able to use that valuable training time to work on the triathlon disciplines. I have a target to improve my bike power mainly, while managing to maintain my run fitness over winter without injuries so I can start of at a good level when the outdoor season starts end of March.

I have also put quiet a lot of time in swimming, increasing to three sessions per week, to see if I can get some improvements in this area as well. That is much more difficult as it depends very much on technique, hence in January I have started swimming with a coach once per week. Lost of things to work on, and as a 45 year old it is difficult to change…
Training wise I am following more strictly now a four week block structure: three weeks of high volume (10 hours per week approximately) and then one week of reduced volume (5-6 hours) to build up strength and compensate. I have gone through three sets now, and can see at least some improvement in the biking with increased wattage, going from 250W to 290W on my 4 minute intervals. By following more strictly the four week structure I also hope the body will use the compensation weeks better to build up endurance and strength after the three weeks of hard workout. Looking at the development of training load/fatuigue and performance I have a much better development this year compared to 2016, so so far, so good!


Steady development of load during 2017

Performance curve going up!

Running wise I have so far mainly run easier aerobic sessions to limit the risk of injury, my calves continue to be sensitive. As we’ve had very little snow this winter and mild temperatures, I’ve managed to maintain 2-3 runs per week in OK conditions, and the last few weeks started to incorporate one quality session per week with intervals. So far, it seems that running form is very good, and if I stay without injury the coming season can be very good.

I will continue with the 4 week block structure throughout May. Not increasing volume so much as I am already at a stretch with 10 hours during the high volume weeks, but rather improving in intensity during the weekends. There will be no training trip to Mallorca or elsewhere this year as I plan to save that money for some new gear (disc wheel!) and use the time with family instead.

Planning for racing has also been done for 2017, and here the main problem is lack of enough weekends to do them all! In the end, the following is what it looks like right now:

A-races: Stockholm Marathon June 3rd, Vansbro Triathlon July 1st, Tjörn Triathlon August 26th, Ironman 70.3 Reugen September 9th, Hässelbyloppet October 8th 

B-races: Danske Invest Triathlon series (Uppsala, Gävle, Malmö), Kistaloppet

Others: Höga Kusten Swim Run

Ambitions is mainly Sthlm Marathon 3:15, top-5 at Vansbro and Tjörn and qualifying for IM 70.3 2018 world championships at Reugen. A sub-39 at Hässelbyloppet would also be nice, lowering my PB with 0.5 seconds…


Training blocks and race schedule
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